Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Again by Carolyn Scott

You Again

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A really really nice short story!

Lily McAllister’s father was known as a jewelled thief. The infamous one. The best in his field. So when her police boyfriend, Luke Tunner, learned about this fact he left her and never came back. Well, he’s a police with ambition to become a chief. Having a relationship with a thief daughter would have bad effect to his carier.

And it was a surprise when, after two years later, Lily found Luke on her front door. Trying to arrest her! A surveillance camera caught Lili in action while she tried to break in into the Haywood-Smith residence. And she was accused stealing a necklace from that house. And Luke believed it cause she’s a thief dauhter!

After some doubts and kisses, Luke finally believed Lili’s story that she tried to return a jewel her father stole from the Haywood-Smith. But why the Haywood-Smith didn’t say anything about the return jewel and acccused Lily of stealing another jewel?

While trying to resolve this mistery, the spark between Luke and Lily turn into fire. And eventhough Luke had been promoted to superintendent, he realized that life without Lily felt so empty.

I really enjoy reading this book. Lily’s character make me smile. She’s tough and although she knows her father’s “job” she love him no matter what. Luke kinda annoyed me sometimes. Yes, he’s hot and all that, but when he accused Lily that she’s just like her father make me want to smack him! Luckily, Luke did something sweet that make me forgive him :)

Jyaaaahh... my first review in english! i hope anyone who read this review can understand what i'm saying. LOL!

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